Best Companies to Intern for

best companies to intern for

Graduation is creeping up, and there are only a few more requirement boxes left to tick off. But, before you walk across the stage and move your tassel, there’s one graduation requirement that is looming: an internship.

Internships are an integral component of higher education. Where higher education teaches students valuable topics, internships allow individuals to apply textbook lessons and gain a hands-on perspective.

Need some help starting your internship search? Check our list of best companies for internships.

Best Companies to Intern For

Best Companies for Marketing Internships


At the top of our list of best companies for internships is GoDaddy. GoDaddy champions the success of millions of small business owners and individuals worldwide with comprehensive services. And, when you join GoDaddy’s summer internship program, you will too.

GoDaddy’s internship program was built on two principles: do real work and authenticity. With this in mind, you will take part in innovating the next generation of technology that empowers clients. Sound good? Join the team. Impressively, 90% of eligible 2020 interns were welcomed back to the office after graduation with full-time positions. Take the plunge and apply today.

What Interns Say: GoDaddy has a 5-star rating from previous interns, with positive feedback regarding company culture, compensation, and learning opportunities.

Perks of the Job: 

  • Corporate housing and transportation
  • Great Work-life balance
  • Frequent communication with Senior Leadership team

Under Armour

With a brand like Under Armour, you can expect an internship experience like no other. Under Armour’s top-rated summer scholarship program — also known as the Summer League — is highly regarded for numerous reasons. For twelve weeks, interns are partnered with mentors, attend seminars with company executives, and participate in an independent, hands-on project.

Oh, and the Under Armour internship is paid!

Applicants of all backgrounds — design, arts and sciences, engineering and technology, and business — can apply for a place in one of Under Armour’s several headquarters. All in all, the Summer League is an advantageous opportunity for expectant interns with a heart for sport and a creative mind. Are you ready to join the league?

What Interns Say: With a 4.1-star rating, Under Armour’s interns are pleased with the overall learning experience and leadership involvement.

Perks of the Job: 

  • Company merch
  • Under Armour discount
  • First rent payment covered
  • Meetings with the executive team

Best Companies for Tech Internships


When it comes to the best companies for tech internships, Google tops the list! As the #1 search engine in the world, Google has created an unbeatable tech service. Interning with this top-tier search engine will give you a sneak peek into life at Google.

Students studying business, marketing, sales, engineering, technology, and more can enjoy these coveted internships with the potential to receive a full-time offer later. Google also offers unique programs for specific career positions so students can gain firsthand experience in their chosen career path, making this easily one of the best companies to intern for.

What Interns Say: It’s no surprise that Google has earned a 4.7-star rating from their interns. With a friendly environment and plenty of learning opportunities, interns are content to stay with Google for as long as possible.

Perks of the Job:

  • Google apparel
  • Housing and transportation
  • Gym memberships
  • Signing bonus


Ready to “change the world” with Axon? Enjoy an immersive internship experience with this tech company’s internship program. Here, coffee runs won’t be on your list of responsibilities. Instead, you’ll be working closely with your team to develop state-of-the-art safety technology and work on projects that make an impact.

What Interns Say: Axon boasts a 4.1-star rating; interns have shared positive reviews on their experience, including the ability to work on meaningful projects.

Perks of the Job:

  • Projects that make a difference
  • Amazing managers and mentors
  • Opportunity to impact the intern experience through the Intern Board
  • Social and philanthropy events
  • Awesome office building with great snacks


Automation software is a trending technology that is taking the business world by storm. At Workiva, you can be part of this technological revolution! As one of the best companies to intern at, you’ll even have the potential to accept a full-time offer after you’ve celebrated your walk across the stage.

Interning at Workiva means being a part of an innovative team that boasts a welcoming company culture and real-world experience. Interns can enjoy summer-long sessions or year-round opportunities that flex to fit their schedules, all the while competing in challenging contests and working one-on-one with mentors and company leadership to grow professional skills.

What Interns Say: Workiva’s 4.7-star rating says it all. Interns rave about the excellent leadership, phenomenal company culture, and endless learning opportunities.

Perks of the Job:

  • In-house cafeteria
  • Game room
  • Pet-friendly environment
  • Flexible hours


Networking, cybersecurity, mobility, analytics, and more — you can find all of these technologies with Cisco. This best company to intern for focuses on solving business challenges, particularly in regard to telecommunications and networking. You’ll find this company’s logo on routers, cybersecurity software, and switches around every office corner.

Students and recent graduates from a variety of fields — marketing, finance, HR, information technology, and more — can find opportunities at Cisco. With connection and innovation at the heart of everything Cisco does, interning with this company is bound to be a wonderful experience.

What Interns Say: Previous Cisco interns can attest to the 4.6-star rating this company has earned. As one of the best companies for internships, they have created a supportive and welcoming environment that provides interns a chance to grow their skills exponentially.

Perks of the Job:

  • Work computer provided
  • Cisco apparel
  • Team bonding activities
  • Flexible work schedules

Best Companies for Financial Internships

Bank of America

When it comes to securely managing your money, Bank of America’s reputation can’t be beaten. That’s why it’s no surprise that this business has worked its way to being one of the best companies for internships! Students with an interest in the financial world will want to submit their resumes to Bank of America’s many programs ASAP.

At Bank of America, interns will have the opportunity to do more than just handle finances. With opportunities in marketing, corporate functions, and technology, this company has a program for plenty of students. Bank of America also offers internships year-round, so you can find a placement that works for you!

What Interns Say: The results are in — Bank of America has received a 4.5-star rating from its interns. They offer a flexible and friendly environment where interns have the opportunity to dive headfirst into their chosen career path.

Perks of the Job:

  • Two levels of internships based on experience
  • Virtual interview process

Northern Trust

As a leading global financial institution, it’s clear why Northern Trust is one of the best companies for internships and campus-level roles. Their emphasis on work-life balance and career mobility make them a strong contender for interns to find unique financial opportunities.

Northern Trust’s internships are available for students looking for a career in accounting, info security, investment operations, technology, and more.

Not sure which sector you’re interested in when thinking about your role after graduation? Consider applying for their Rotational Development program, where you’ll have the chance to spend an extended period of time in different positions!

What Interns Say: This financial institute sits at a 4.5-star rating for its valuable internships. Many interns appreciated the opportunity to learn about different sectors of the industry in an immersive and welcoming environment.

Perks of an Internship:

  • Organized training courses
  • Social and networking opportunities within the business and with other interns
  • National Case Challenge training and presentation skill building
  • Meetings with senior management

How to apply:

  • Go to Northern Trust’s career site and search for opportunities!
  • Campus level roles and internships will be posted by September online
  • Complete your application (which includes a short assessment)

Charles Schwab

Join the Schwab Intern Academy to become an honorary Schwabbie during Charles Schwab’s nine-week internship program. The academy is an intensive summer program that allows participants to work on real business projects for clients in numerous departments. Departments include, but are not limited to, Corporate Risk Management, Finance, Human Resources, and more.

Through the academy, each Schwab intern is supported by a mentor and is encouraged to create connections with senior leaders. Even more, interns often return to Charles Schwab after graduation to start their careers amongst peers. All in all, Schwab interns are given the opportunity to take part in Charles Schwab’s unique company culture and apply their book knowledge. And let’s not forget that in 2021, 78% of Charles Schwab interns received a full-time job offer!

What Interns Say: The Schwab Intern Academy has been honored with a 4.7-star rating particularly for its excellence in company culture and work-life balance, according to the interns.

Perks of the Job:

  • Incomparable company culture
  • Virtual work environment
  • Connections with senior leaders and mentors
  • Organized program with business experiences and learning curriculum

Find Your Next Internship with BestCompaniesAZ

Those were a few of the best companies to intern for, but it doesn’t stop there! The internship market is a competitive field. If you are an inexperienced applicant, securing an internship can be a troublesome task. BestCompaniesAZ is equipped with helpful resources and guides to earn your first internship. Prepare for common internship interview questions, and write an eloquent internship cover letter — all with the help of BestCompaniesAZ!

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