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best companies for women

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Gender diversity. If you haven’t heard this buzz term yet, it is hot on the trails of becoming a workplace norm.

Gender diversity is the fair representation of genders.

In effect, diverse groups with contrasting backgrounds, education, and experiences heed greater solutions to complex issues.

In this case, the focus lies heavily on female representation in the workplace.

Gender diversity is not a new concept. It’s taken form in several different social justice movements like the equal pay movement and the suffrage movement.

In other words, gender diversity continues to evolve as social movements occur in the name of equality.

What Does Gender Diversity Look Like in the Workplace?

Gender diversity is championed by several grassroots organizations that have relentlessly campaigned for equal representation. Nevertheless, a vocal institution—McKinsey & Company, a company dedicated to creating change that matters—reports that change is slow if present at all.

In recent decades, women have earned more bachelor’s degrees than men and are asking for promotions at the same rate as their counterpart, Mckinsey & Company reports. However, McKinsey has found that the proportion of women at every level in corporate America has barely changed between 2015 and 2018 (years the organization conducted the study).

With this in mind, McKinsey & Company states that companies should treat gender diversity as a business priority.

The report estimates that only 38% of companies set targets for gender representation. These companies have set strict protocols to increase equality in the workplace.

BestCompaniesAZ recognizes these best companies for women in the workplace working towards gender diversity at all levels of business. Check them out!

Best Companies for Women

Cable One

Cable One believes an inclusive workplace is one that fosters a collaborative, supportive, and respectful culture that engages and uplifts all associates. By cultivating a workplace that values and respects different backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints, the company is fostering an environment that brings its associates closer to one another, their customers, and the communities they serve. Cable One has received recognition from 50/50 Women on Boards because 50 percent of its board members are women. Additionally, Cable One’s President and CEO Julie Laulis has been recognized by Cablefax Magazine as one of the Most Powerful Women in Cable for the past 10 years running. She was also named one of the Most Influential Women in Arizona by AZ Business Magazine in 2020. Cable One places an emphasis on associate health and wellness, an excellent work/life balance, and an open and inclusive workplace that works to develop its associates through a variety of training and educational programs.

Farmers Insurance

At Farmers Insurance®, employees are instrumental in helping set the tone, drive the organization’s strategy and create quality customer experiences. Farmers Insurance® was named a 2020 Comparably Best Company for Women; Comparably ranks Farmers in the top 5% of other companies in the US with 10,000+ Employees for Gender Score. The insurer’s Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) Employee Resource Group is a source of mentors, role models, sponsors, and colleagues at Farmers who support the success of women at all levels. WIN aims to create an inclusive opportunity for all employees to expand their network of contacts, influence, and knowledge.

Freedom Financial

The Future is Female at Freedom. Freedom Financial Network was ranked #4 Best Place to Work in the valley. They know that more diversity brings more value to their business, which is why they are driven to add talent from every background to their team. Freedom Financial is bringing innovation to the forefront by making a commitment to grow the number of women in their technology departments. They are committed to a diverse employee base and empowering women to make contributions through their exceptional skills in tech. 


GoDaddy is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs everywhere by giving them all the help and tools they need to grow online. GoDaddy was recently voted a Forbes, America’s Best Employers for Women in 2020.  GoDaddy has 11 Employee Resource Groups that help their employees connect, communicate, and feel included.  GoDaddy Women In Technology (GDWIT) is one of those employee resource groups. Set on closing the gender gap, GDWIT amplifies the ongoing conversation among employees regarding issues of interest to women in the workplace and provides new opportunities to create an impact for women and girls in local communities. GDWIT hosts a robust speaker series, networking events and community activism, while also strengthening the recruiting pipeline.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual was recently named one of America’s Best Employers for Women by Forbes Magazine. At Liberty Mutual, women make up 31% of the board of directors. Liberty Mutual also has an Employee Resource Group called WE@Liberty, which aims to empower women, engage allies, and enhance their success. WE@Liberty attracts, empowers and elevates women through equitable opportunities, increasing individual and organizational success. Liberty Mutual is also a participant and presenting sponsor of The Commonwealth Institute’s Women’s Leadership Development in Massachusetts Annual Impact Studies.  Results from the program of research will provide increased visibility about the importance of women’s leadership development and enable organizations to understand ways to enhance and improve their current offerings. Liberty Mutual Insurance is seeking sales representatives who appreciate and value this type of company culture.

The campaign for gender diversity in the office is far from over! Nevertheless, strong advances are being made to ensure equal representation in the workplace and C-suite. Stay up-to-date with these advances and more with BestCompaniesAZ. BestCompaniesAZ is your exhaustive resource for job hunting tips, interview prep guides, and more!

What are you waiting for? Check out BestCompaniesAZ today!

(Originally published August 2019, Updated April 2021).

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