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What types of careers are Gen Zers looking for? Check out BestCompaniesAZ’s list of companies offering the best jobs for Gen Z.
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Every generation brings its own set of values and priorities to the workforce, and Generation Z is no exception. The U.S. workforce continues to evolve as more members of this generation join the job market. Born between 1996 and 2012, Gen Zers have different wants and needs than their predecessors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the youngest members of the workforce are now as young as 16 years old.

As the search for Gen Z careers widens, companies are realizing the need to change their hiring focus, work environment, and benefits. By examining what makes this group unique, employers can better appeal to candidates. For example, unlike past generations, Generation Z is more inquisitive throughout the hiring process, and companies without a robust candidate communication process might find they lose talented people because of this.

Here are the best companies for Gen Z that BestCompaniesAZ has recognized for how they’re embraced the workforce’s new generation:

Companies With the Best Jobs for Gen Z

We’ve identified some top companies offering attractive Gen Z careers below.


AccentureFrom innovative processes to progressive sustainability goals — Accenture strives to be a change leader in its field. Gen Z employees who value thinking, diversity, sustainability and purpose will be attracted to this company. Accenture is a global professional services company specializing in technology and strategy and is the largest digital agency in the world. Their purpose and commitments drive their innovation agenda, help them deliver 360 value to clients and local communities, and ensure they act as responsible business leaders.

Accenture is hiring in all major company sectors, from strategy to tech, and doing extraordinary things. They have opportunities for students, interns, and entry-level professionals. As part of its mission, Accenture is accelerating equality for all and infusing sustainability into everything they do and everyone they work with. Through the combination of human ingenuity and technology, they are making equality and sustainability a force for change. Join their talented collection of thinkers and doers to help build a more sustainable world.


companies in scottsdale

Axon is a great place to work for Gen Zers who are interested in public safety technology. Employees of Axon wake up every day with a sense of purpose and have a passion for making the world a safer place.

The company empowers employees to be themselves, showcase their talents, and promotes entrepreneurship. Collaboration is important to the work Axon employees do and company culture is maintained through innovation and caring management.

Gen Z employees are a fan of the work-sponsored programs that promote openness, sensitivity, and safety among employees. The company also hosts Axon Connect sessions wherein senior leaders in the company answer anonymously submitted questions about the current and future state of Axon.

Currently, the Scottsdale-based company is seeking to hire in the engineering, operations, sales, and finance departments.



As a company that empowers entrepreneurs across the globe, GoDaddy is also dedicated to empowering its employees.

GoDaddy prepares its workforce to create the change they want to see in the world with top-quality training.

Additionally, the company nurtures a humans-first approach, making it especially attractive for Gen Z. Employees are encouraged to lift one another up, resulting in an ever improving and supportive workforce.

Currently, GoDaddy is looking to hire for customer care, engineering, corporate, and university-level positions.

Ideas Collide

Ideas Collide

This strategic marketing communications firm develops custom marketing solutions that drive action and results. Established in 2005, Ideas Collide has built a diverse team of innovative individuals who collaborate to boldly shape the future of marketing.

Ideas Collide’s positive, growth-focused, and entrepreneurial company culture has been recognized with numerous awards including Top Company to Work for in AZ 2022. Additionally, Gen Z job seekers will love the extensive benefits package and generous paid holiday schedule with additional Wellness + Renewal Days.

Ideas Collide is hiring for a Senior Account Manager (B2B Tech Marketing), a B2B Paid Media Strategist/Planner, a Digital Marketing Project Manager, and a Digital Marketing Project Coordinator.


companies in tempe az

KUBRA’s cloud-based customer experience management solutions are powered by a talented team of skilled and diverse individuals passionate about innovation. The company is dedicated to investing in their employees by providing an in-house mentoring and training program, an education reimbursement program and more.

Not to mention, paid vacation, sick, volunteer and well-being days. Employees working in their Tempe office get a free gym membership to keep their minds and bodies healthy. This company truly takes care of its employees and prioritizes their well-being.

KUBRA is currently hiring for several engineering roles.

Voya Financial

companies in scottsdale

From employee gift matching to a National Day of Service to volunteer time away, Voya Financial understands that Gen Z employees want to make a difference in their communities. This financial services company takes pride in the work employees do every day.

Their mission of making a secure financial future possible for all adults shines through the investment Voya makes into the local community. The company was rated as one of the best on Bloomberg’s Gender Equality Index in 2022 and takes diversity and inclusion very seriously.

Voya Financial has open positions available in sales, customer service, finance, technology, and more.


companies in scottsdale

Building and delivering innovation for customers is what employees do every day at Workiva, but at this award-winning workplace, the jobs are so much more than just jobs.

Workiva’s ongoing commitment to building a culture based on its values means that employees are empowered to work wherever they work best, take time to give back to causes that are important to them, and have access to numerous benefits to support their health and well-being. The company is focused on creating a just, diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone belongs, and stands up for social issues that matter. And through its focus on ESG, Workiva is committed to building a better, brighter future.

Workiva is always looking for talented people to join the team!

What Are the Gen Z Looking For In Their Future Employers?

Flexibility and diversity are watchwords for those seeking robust Gen Z careers. According to a Deloitte study, Gen Zers are more pragmatic and non-entrepreneurial, often choosing job security over risking it all in a startup venture. Companies that are looking to hire top talent from this demographic should ensure that they offer the following:

Flexible Schedules

Gen Zers are the first generation to grow up in a world where everything is at their fingertips, and they expect companies to cater to their personal needs. Some of the best jobs for Gen Z do just that by offering flexible schedules or telecommuting options.

Latticed Career Paths

Gen Zers value progression within a company over starting their own ventures. Many top Gen Z careers include low entry-level positions with plenty of upward mobility so employees can work their way up the ladder without having to start from scratch each time. A latticed path means it can also go sideways, like taking up a new role in the same level or department.


Gen Zers have a leg up on older generations when it comes to tech. They’re fluent in the language of technology and they expect companies to be as well. This starts with the interview process; if you’re not using video interviews or some other form of digital interaction, it’s time to catch up.


Gen Z values diversity of thought and representation both inside and outside of their companies. Companies with inclusive cultures attract talented candidates who want to work for like-minded organizations that don’t reinforce homogeneous thinking.


Companies must strive to maintain a strong culture that Gen Zers will want to be a part of. Though many of them may not yet have established themselves firmly in the workforce yet, this demographic is already having an impact on hiring trends and workplace dynamics. Employers would do well to consider these traits when choosing Gen Z workers to attract top talent.

Many companies today have embraced the type of environment Gen Z employees are looking for in their next role. The companies highlighted above understand what is important to this generation of workers and continue to focus on providing schedule flexibility, opportunities for advancement, innovative technologies, an environment of inclusion, and a positive company culture.

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