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The U.S. workforce continues to evolve as more members of Generation Z join the job market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the youngest members of the generation in the workforce are as old as 16 years old.

As more of Gen Z search for a new job, companies have realized the need to change their hiring focus. By examining what makes Generation Z a unique working group, companies can better appeal to candidates.

Unlike past generations, Generation Z is more inquisitive throughout the hiring process. Companies without a robust candidate communication process might find they lose more Gen Z candidates because of this.

Here are the best companies for Gen Z that BestCompaniesAZ has recognized for how they’ve embraced the workforce’s new generation.

Best Companies For Gen Z


As a company that empowers entrepreneurs across the globe, GoDaddy is also dedicated to empowering its employees.

GoDaddy prepares its workforce to create the change they want to see in the world with top-quality training.

Additionally, GoDaddy nurtures a pro-team office culture. Employees are encouraged to lift one another, resulting in an ever-improving and supportive workforce.

Currently, GoDaddy is looking to hire for customer care, engineering, corporate, and university-level positions.

Spear Education

Without its employees, the values, vision, and mission of Spear Education would be words on paper. Recognizing employee’s value, Spear is dedicated to supporting and championing its workforce.

By creating an enriching and open-work environment, Spear fosters innovation and creativity.

Plus, Spear isn’t afraid to recognize and reward a job well done by its employees. After overcoming a challenge as a team, Spearians gather together for its “Final 30” social event to unwind.

Spear Education is looking to hire staff accountants, renewal operations specialists, marketing managers, and practice solutions consultants.


The innovative technology at Ring helps the world feel secure in their home. Believing that benefits should be as unique as the culture they support, Ring offers comprehensive perks.

Employees at Ring receive competitive pay and saving options that support their financial goals. Plus, a variety of career development opportunities are made accessible to Ring employees.

Want to find that perfect work-life balance with a career at Ring? Check out some of Ring’s open positions, such as CS program specialist, quality assurance analyst, and many more!

Norton LifeLock

Norton LifeLock is a global leader in providing consumers with the best cyber safety solutions.

Jobs at Norton provide employees with rewarding careers that give back to the community.

With an emphasis on diversity, Norton strives to maintain a workforce where everyone’s voice is heard.

Team culture at Norton looks like teams that win together, learn together, and empower others to grow.

Norton LifeLock is looking to hire positions in consumer business, development, financing and accounting, information technology, and legal.

Blue Yonder AI

companies for gen z

Ranked as one of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2020, Blue Yonder AI continues driving to elevate employees.

A successful team at Blue Yonder has seamless collaboration, respect for one another, and a great work-life balance.

Every employee working for Blue Yonder plays a part in the company’s vision to create a better planet.

The roles that Blue Yonder is looking to fill include cloud services, consulting, sales positions, and more.


companies for gen z

One of the top companies for Gen Z, SmartRent, leads its industry in innovating home automation. Employees at the company help set a new standard for smart apartments and connected communities.

As SmartRent takes care of customers, it also ensures that it takes care of employees. Employees at SmartRent benefit from unlimited time off, generous 401k plans with employer match, and a casual, inclusive work environment.

The open roles at SmartRent are customer support specialists, Android developers, platform engineers, and software development engineers.

Clarivate Analytics

Customers place their trust in Clarivate Analytics to aid their innovative efforts with informative analytical insights.

In addition, Clarivate is a partner to top universities, nonprofits, and government organizations worldwide.

Employees find meaningful work knowing that they are providing the next life-changing idea to their customers.

Recently, Clarivate opened a branch in the city of Chandler, Arizona. The roles Clarivate is looking to hire are finance, accounting, technology, and sales disciplines.


Workiva careers

This results-focused culture at Workiva motivates employees’ to provide the best service to their customers.

Diversity is well-supported at Workiva, thanks to its diversity and inclusion committee. The company also supports employees through 225 company-wide development and training courses and opportunities.

From on-site fitness centers to free breakfast and snacks, employees know they’re valued at Workiva.

The roles that Workiva is looking to fill include customer and product support, sales, marketing, finance and accounting, and many more.

Early Warning

Early Warning logo

At Early Warning, teams find happiness in the camaraderie they experience in the company’s culture.

Employees help Early Warning customers achieve the financial stability that they had only dreamed of before.

In return, Early Warning helps its employees maintain stability at work and in their endeavors. No matter what life throws at you, Early Warning promises always to have your back. With benefits like its dependent scholarship program, pet insurance, or employee resource groups, Early Warning is ready and willing to champion employee needs.

The current roles that Early Warning is hiring for include positions in technology, risk and compliance, ePMO, and research disciplines.

Want to work for an employer that makes you feel satisfied in your career?

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