Best Coffee Shops in Phoenix to Get a Latte Work Done

best coffee shops in phoenix

Whether you work entirely remotely or you spend a few days of the week working from home, getting out of the office can provide a much-needed break from a busy work week. For the school-going folk, the right cafe can provide a much focus zone to crank out that last term paper.

While the comfort of your home can lend some peace to your normally hectic week, it’s easy to feel restless and distracted. You need a go-to environment that clears away the mind fog and kicks your motivation into gear.

Never say that dirty “S” word again (we’re looking at you, Starbs). Here’s a look at some of the best coffee shops in Phoenix that feature large tables, hipster vibes, and electric outlets for all. 

1. Cartel Coffee Lab: Tempe, Scottsdale, and Downtown Phoenix

Highlight: A well-known coffee brand in a hipster environment

With three equally inspiring locations, Cartel Coffee Lab is a hip and vibrant coffee shop. Cartel prides itself on its specialty coffee and the growers who supply their coffee beans. Each location offers a variety of indoor and outdoor seating options, and free Wi-Fi as powerful as their strongest cup of joe! The schedule of a remote worker can be in constant flux. Luckily, Cartel’s hours vary from location to location, giving you options and ensuring you’ll find one that’s open when you need it to be.

2. Sip Coffee and Beer: Arcadia and Old Town Scottsdale

Highlight: Giant windows and natural light

sip coffee shop
Photo taken by Sip Coffee and Beer

Grab a cup of hot coffee or a cool cocktail at this modern, lively shop on the corner of N. 36th Street and Indian School Road. Sip Coffee and Beer Garage is an open-concept coffee and beer shop that boasts an inviting environment created for the purpose of bringing people together. The Old Town Scottsdale location is also sure to delight any lover of natural light and large windows.

Locally sourced products line the shelves along with 24 rotating craft beers on draft. Many indoor seating options are available to those who prefer to listen to the live music and coffee shop chatter, while outdoor seating is offered for those who would like to work on the covered patio. 

3. Piexoto Coffee Roasters: Downtown Chandler

Highlight: Crop-to-cup coffee

If you’re on the hunt for a cozy, eclectic environment, Piexoto Coffee Roasters could be your go-to coffee shop. The shop’s crop-to-cup business model ensures that each coffee bean that goes into your cup comes straight from the farmers themselves. In fact, the owner’s family in Brazil is responsible for growing the coffee for over 100 years and counting.

The environment is just as inviting as the coffee! Pixeto offers a variety of cozy seating options and plenty of natural light. Remote workers and students alike will love this Chandler gem for its quiet, cozy atmosphere and incredible coffee. And of course, we can’t forget the free Wi-Fi.

4. The Nile Coffee Shop: Downtown Mesa

Highlight: Large tables for group meetings

nile coffee
Photo taken by the Nile Coffee

Nothing beats a lunch break in the middle of a long day of hard work. The Nile Coffee Shop, located in the heart of downtown Mesa, boasts an unmatched coffee selection and a full-service vegan and vegetarian menu. The backdrop of historical brick walls and dim lighting give that classic urban coffee shop feel that’s hard to find.

If your work calls for a group meetings, Nile Coffee’s option of large tables and open seating will meet all of your needs. Remote workers are sure to leave the Nile Coffee Shop with a renewed sense of motivation and a full stomach!

5. Songbird Coffee & Tea House: Downtown Phoenix

Highlight: Huge tea selection

Kick back and study in peace at this cozy little getaway in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, right off Roosevelt Row. Songbird Coffee & Tea House is a great alternative for any tea-obsessed individuals, who are always shoved aside for coffee lovers’ needs. Choose from dozens of loose leaf or chai teas (or even a coffee), before settling down into your own little corner.

6. Lux Central: Uptown Phoenix

Highlight: Open late (past midnight)

Of course, our list of the best coffee shops in Phoenix couldn’t be complete without this fan favorite. Lux is a bustling, late night coffee shop with a full kitchen service. Grab a specialty coffee and find inspiration in one of the three themed rooms. If you’re involved in Phoenix’s remote work community, you’re bound to feel right at home with others at Lux Central.

7. Gold Bar Espresso: Tempe

Highlight: Cozy nooks and crannies perfect for solo visitors

gold bar espresso
Photo taken by Gold Bar Espresso

Gold Bar Espresso is a small, mom and pop coffee shop that fosters a peaceful work environment. Equipped with stained glass windows, small tables, and mismatched chairs and sofas, Gold Bar makes any visitor feel like they’re visiting grandma (if grandma had Wi-Fi). Because it’s only a few blocks from Arizona State University, this coffee shop is a perfect getaway for students. Don’t forget to grab a sweet treat from their locally-praised pastry menu!

8. Bergies Coffee Roast House: Downtown Gilbert

Highlight: Spacious patio seating to bring your dog

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As its name implies, Bergies Coffee Roast roasts its own coffee, giving the place a distinct rich smell. While the coffee shop itself is a repurposed tiny historic home, Bergies’ expansive patio has plenty of room to get work done in the open air. Although, it’s located right in the middle of Downtown Gilbert, the shady garden and removed house make you feel like you’re answering emails and typing away somewhere miles away.

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