Move Over, Silicon Valley! The 4 Best Cities for Tech Jobs

best cities for tech jobs

Computer programmers, data analysts, network administrators, and software developers are in hot demand across the country right now. While Silicon Valley has long been recognized as the country’s premier destination for tech talent, new cities are emerging as the places to be for those in IT.

Is Silicon Valley’s time in the sun set to expire? Here’s a list of the five best cities for tech jobs across America, and why they’re so popular with tech-savvy professionals right now.

Atlanta’s Impressive Affordability

It’s impossible to list the best cities for tech jobs without mentioning Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta has been enjoying solid growth in recent years, thanks to its incredible affordability. This makes the city an ideal location for up-and-coming professionals who want to land an IT gig but can’t yet afford to live in places like New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, or Chicago.

In addition to being a major East Coast tech hub itself, Atlanta also inhabits a region that’s packed with competitor cities and towns that are also investing in the digital economy. Organizations like the Atlanta Tech Village make it an attractive destination for those seeking to launch startups, too.

Atlanta is set to remain one of the biggest tech hubs in the U.S. for the foreseeable future. Young professionals who want to live in the American South should consider Atlanta if they’re pursuing tech opportunities.

Fabulous Opportunities In Phoenix

The warm sun that looms over Phoenix, Arizona has smiled upon many recent graduates who have flocked into the Grand Canyon State over the past few years. Arizona is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing states and job markets in the nation, with Phoenix being increasingly recognized as one of the biggest tech hubs in the U.S. If you’re looking for a new career in Phoenix, view our list of top rated companies to work for in the valley.

A recent report illustrates that tech jobs and salaries across Arizona are far outpacing the national average, and this is even more true inside of the Phoenix metropolitan area. Young professionals will find that Phoenix isn’t just one of the best cities for tech jobs, but a rapidly growing urban area that’s more diverse and interesting with each passing year.

According to the Arizona Technology Council, employers across Arizona are particularly interested in hiring experts who are familiar with software design. The Arizona-based Chamber Business News notes that Phoenix became the host for more than 140 new software companies in the 2020 alone.

Phoenix isn’t the only budding replacement for Silicon Valley to consider, either.

Austin’s Awesome IT Gigs

Austin, Texas has been one of the closely monitored cities across the United States over the past decade. This should come as little surprise to those in the tech industry, as Austin has been proudly trailblazing a path for itself to cement its new status as one of the best cities for tech jobs in America.

While Austin was once relegated to the ranks of minor cities, economic analysts now believe it could compare with the likes of San Francisco when it comes to shaping the future of the tech market. The city has already managed to lure in a number of impressive tech companies that regularly dominate international headlines, such as SpaceX and Oracle.

Those who are interested in the future of cloud computing will eagerly include Austin in the ranks of the biggest tech hubs in the United States. UX designers, software engineers, and IT professionals of all stripes can find a home there.

Boston’s Better Every Day

Boston, Massassuschettes has long been recognized as a leading scientific and technological hub. With the help of universities like Harvard and MIT, Boston has established itself as a center of learning and technological excellence that any new professional would love to be a part of. But does it really remain one of the best cities for tech jobs with all the changes currently taking place?

Some younger professionals have steered clear of Boston because they fear that living expenses will be too much to handle. In reality, Boston is pricey but also offers competitive salaries to ensure IT professionals can still enjoy comfortable lives there. It’s also a great place to network with senior professionals if you’re still trying to get your foot in the door.

Tech giants like Amazon have announced ambitious plans across Boston, and startups will continue to proliferate there for as long as there’s a reliable supply of intelligent college graduates. Young IT experts scouring lists of the best cities for tech jobs would be hard-pressed to find a better choice than Boston.

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Today’s leading tech hubs may become tomorrow’s forgotten cities. The search for the next big IT hotspot is always ongoing, so IT professionals should remember that flexibility is a key metric of success in this industry. Survey all of your options before making a final decision, and soon you’ll identify the perfect city for you and your technological ambitions.

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