What Service Jobs Are in High Demand in Arizona?

what jobs are in high demand in arizona
In March 2020, the number of people employed in Arizona reached 3,359,500. Thanks to the state’s unique culture and professional opportunities, it’s understandable why many decide to relocate to Arizona!

Whether you’re new to Arizona or you’ve lived here all your life, there are many worthwhile careers to explore.

As a job seeker in the Valley, your first question might be: what jobs are in high demand in Arizona? To give you an idea of what career opportunities await you, check out this list of Arizona jobs in demand!

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Top In-Demand Service Jobs in Arizona

The median salary for each position is based on the 2019 data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Computer System Analysts

Thanks to the fast-growing tech industry in Arizona, the state is known as the “Silicon Desert.” As a result, numerous tech positions have made their way into the top in-demand Arizona jobs.

Also known as system architects, a computer system analyst examines a company’s current computer systems and processes. Computer system analysts collaborate with the IT team to devise solutions that can improve the efficiency of an existing computer system.

Duties that a computer system analyst might be expected to do include researching new technology, conducting systems testing, or overseeing the installation of new computer systems.

Education level: Bachelor’s degree

Median salary: $90,920

Who’s hiring in IT?

Management Analysts

Management analysts help an organization discover new ways to improve their efficiency. This involves duties such as advising leadership on how to increase profitability or interviewing current employees to determine what changes are needed.

Typically, a management analyst works as a consultant for an organization. However, some companies hire in-house management analysts. Whether or not a company requires a consultant or long-term analyst depends on the company’s needs.

A management analyst’s role tends to vary depending on a given project’s needs. Some projects might require the expertise of several analysts to examine an organization’s processes. Conversely, a project may call for a single analyst to work closely with a company’s leadership to brainstorm organizational improvements.

Education level: Bachelor’s degree

Median salary: $85,260

Who’s hiring in project management?

Market Research Analysts

Market research analysts gather consumer and competitor data within a target market. Then, they analyze the collected data to determine consumer trends, current prices and more to create and improve products.

The methods that a market analyst uses to collect data vary. Some market research analysts gather data through focus groups, surveys, literature reviews or through online searches.

When working with a company’s management, an analyst will compile this data into a digestible report. Depending on the role’s requirements, this report may require an analyst to identify possible future market trends.

Education level: Bachelor’s degree

Median salary: $63,790

Who’s hiring in marketing analysis?

Software Developers

Software developers design software to certain specifications. This role can be involved in the creation of applications or underlying computer systems. Whether or not a software developer creates an application or system depends on what a company needs.

Generally, a software developer has some oversight over the software program development process. A software developer will design each piece of the software so that the team’s programmers can then write code following that design.

For a software developer to know where to begin their design, they examine users’ needs. Then, they brainstorm ideas on how they can design software to meet those needs.

Education level: Bachelor’s degree

Median salary: $107,510

Who’s hiring in software?

Operations Research Analysts

The role of an operations research analyst is similar to other analysis-based Arizona jobs in demand. An operations analyst examines problem areas in a company and proposes strategies. What makes the role of operations analysis different is the way this role approaches problem identification and solutions.

Typically, an operations research analyst will use advanced mathematical, analytical methods to identify a company’s issues. This role tends to focus on a specific area within a company, such as business or logistics.

Other duties of an operations research analyst include the use of statistical analysis or predictive modeling to create a practical business solution.

Education level: Bachelor’s degree

Median salary: $84,810

Who’s hiring in operations?

Computer Support Specialists

Following the trend of technology-centric Arizona jobs in demand, companies need computer support specialists.

A computer support specialist provides computer users troubleshooting support. This can also be referred to as an IT help desk role.

The requirements for this role can vary depending on a company’s technology. Generally, this role is in charge of the routine maintenance of an organization’s computer network. Examples of this include proper file backup or ensuring that the network is up to date.

Computer support specialists can communicate with users via telephone, email or in-person.

Education level: Varies on position. There are certain certifications one can obtain for this kind of role.

Median salary: $54,760

Who’s hiring in computer user support?

Customer Service Representatives

Customer service is valuable throughout many industries. Plus, the skills needed for careers in customer service can aid you in other communication positions.

An important part of a customer service representative’s role is providing the customer with key information about the products or services that their company sells. Thus, a customer service representative must be knowledgeable about these services to provide the appropriate solution to a customer.

Depending on the specifics of the role, customer service employees may focus on customer complaints, inquiries or order placements. These interactions can occur via telephone, email, online message platforms or in-person.

Education level: High-school diploma or equivalent

Median salary: $34,710

Who’s hiring in customer support?

Web Developers

As the trend of online shopping continues to climb, it’s no surprise that web developers are among the top Arizona jobs in demand.

A web developer is responsible for the design and creation of a company’s website. This role is involved in creating an appealing look and front-end functionality of a website. Additionally, web developers also oversee a site’s technical functions, such as site performance.

Some web developer roles are focused primarily on the graphical side of website creation. Other roles lean towards the technical side, with a focus on writing a website’s HTML or XML code.

Once a website is live, a website developer’s job is not over! Companies require web developers to monitor the site to ensure it continues working as intended. In the event that the website stops working, the web developer can help assess the issue.

Education level: Associate’s degree

Median salary: $73,760

Who’s hiring in web development?

Human Resource Specialists

Human resource roles oversee a company’s employee relations processes. This role can remain broad, which allows for oversight over an entire HR department, or it can specialize in specific processes, like employee training.

Typically, human resource roles require employees who communicate with a company’s workforce to determine their needs. Other duties that human resource roles have include interviewing candidates, overseeing payroll or administering employee benefits.

The duties of any given HR position will depend on what skills a company needs in its HR department. If a company needs someone to improve their payroll system, they will hire a human resource specialist that focuses on the payroll.

Education level: Bachelor’s degree

Median salary: $61,920

Who’s hiring in HR?

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