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PR &

Organizational Management

Seity Insight

Seity Insight is an organizational management consulting company working with individuals at all levels to improve value in the workplace. Established in 1999, Seity Insight has earned credibility as a results-based organization providing custom services to companies large and small across several industries. Our methods emphasize a ’whole system’ view of business performance focusing on the effectiveness of people resources – the human capital. This systems perspective uses a participative, proactive approach to business issues and opportunities rather than a reactive, quick fix.

Brightworks Consulting

Brightworks is an award-winning management consulting firm specializing in business transformation from strategy through execution. They offer clients in the public, private, non-profit and education sectors an array of services to include Organizational Assessments, Workforce Development, Strategic Planning, Business Process Improvement, Training and Business Development. When your organization needs professional advice and counsel on strategy and direction, developing your workforce or improving operations, Brightworks offers proven solutions and experienced Consultants with a roadmap for your organization to reach the next level.



LifeGuides fills a massive hole in corporate well-being programs by proactively providing peer-to-peer support to employees going through daily stresses and big life challenges and preventing such challenges to turn into mental health issues and illness, causing loss of productivity, presenteeism, and absenteeism. The heartbeat of our company revolves around trained Guides who are ready and available to give your employees the relief that they may not even know they need. Our Guides are people like your employees who’ve been in their shoes and have successfully overcome the challenges they’re going through. With this life experience, our Guides help your people navigate those stressful times to create a happier, more positive and peaceful existence.


Vitanya was founded in Scottsdale Arizona in 2012. They have now grown to 20 locations in 6 states. Additionally, Vitanya provide programs to anyone, anywhere through their remote and mobile capabilities. In 2019, Vitanya provided 28,000 brain performance sessions internationally. Vitanya primarily focuses on providing products, technology, and services supporting subtle neural communication on the electrical and chemical levels. A revolution in modern neuroscience reveals how to maximize healthy brain function.

Kathleen Gramzay

Kathleen Gramzay, Body/Mind Resilience Expert, Author, Speaker, Developer of Kinessage® Mindful Resilience, Kinessage® Self Care, Kinessage® Massage Through Movement, 20-year Board Certified Massage Therapist. In her 16-yr clinical practice, Knead for Balance, Inc, Kathleen proved her methods – first on herself and then with thousands of clients. Concurrent with her practice, her passion expanded to teaching. Kathleen taught Anatomy and Kinesiology at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts before becoming certified as a National Continuing Education Provider. In 2016, Kathleen retired from her practice to share her passion and programs with the wider world of humanity through business.

Diversity & Inclusion

The Foundation for Female Equity & Inclusion

The Foundation for Female Equity and Inclusion works in collaboration with industry partners to provide the latest research, global advocacy, executive consulting, and best practice solutions for public and private organizations. Our model is collaborative. We work with your teams to develop or enhance your existing Diversity and Inclusion strategy to increase the representation of high potential women into your executive pipeline.


At ADP, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our values and our associates live these values every day. We’ve always believed that each person counts and that our diverse and inclusive teams make us stronger. We remain committed to investing in diverse talent globally that designs innovative technology with all people in mind and where our solutions nurture the success of our clients and the career development of our associates.

Workplace Culture

Voya Financial

Voya Financial strongly believes that their success depends on their people. That is why Voya invests in their talent by promoting mentorship, continued learning, leadership development, and team collaboration. Voya knows that it takes different skill sets, perspectives, and backgrounds to fulfill their noble purpose. A key driver of Voya’s cultural transformation has been Voya’s commitment to Continuous Improvement (CI). Voya employees have experienced the power of CI, through a formal training program, and a new, better way of working. CI has armed Voya leaders with the skills to lead and coach more effectively. It has empowered all employees to strive for improvement and always put the customer at the center of everything they do.


The strength of ADP’s team comes from what each one of them has to offer. You’ll be welcomed and celebrated for the person you are. ADP’s down-to-earth culture values diverse perspectives, providing a place where careers can flourish in an agile, creative and collaborative workplace. We’re creating a better way to work, so that others can have a better chance of changing the world.


Tony Bridwell

With over 30 years of global leadership expertise, Tony Bridwell has dedicated his life to inspiring, motivating, and empowering employees to realize their highest potential. He currently serves as Chief People Officer for RYAN LLC, a global leader in the tax services industry. His focus, as head of the global human resource practice, is on enhancing, communicating, and driving RYAN’S award-winning culture to support the firm’s strategic vision while also gaining greater competitive advantage by attracting developing, and retaining the most talented tax professionals in the industry.

Y Scouts

Y Scouts doesn’t do placements. They align leaders and work. Placement is a cold top-down approach, focusing on resumes and filling empty seats. By hiring on purpose, Y Scouts take the broken vertical model and flip it on its side, creating horizontal alignment between leader and company. Y Scouts bridge the gap between business’ purpose and a leader’s passions and strengths. It is purposeful and methodical and driven by empathy. It’s why Y Scouts exist.

Michael Seaver

Michael S. Seaver is an award-winning executive coach, author, keynote speaker, and podcast host. He’s on a mission to unlock human potential to help people uncover and live their purpose, and live a more meaningful and authentic life. Crashing through conventional boundaries, Michael thrives at the intersection of next-generation business strategy concepts, positive psychology, and conscious capitalism. His unique methodology has revolutionized how leaders can live authentically and how organizations engage employees.

Aaron Bare

With the rise of digital technology, business moves at unprecedented speeds, now an exponential pace. This pace is wreaking havoc on the business landscape as we know it. Disruption has brought “too big to fail” companies to their knees in a matter of months. It has made some industries obsolete. Any company or leader that doesn’t move at an exponential pace will be crushed by the new, massively transformative exponential organizations. These organizations are quickly expanding their purpose and invading new industries every day. Guides like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and more continue to provide us a roadmap for navigating the exponential horizon. Through a collection of nine keys of exponential leadership, authors Aaron Bare and Forbes Shannon have created a formula to navigate the disruption. Exponential leadership–combined with emerging technologies, change, and disruption–will not only disrupt the world but will save it.


Ex Summit

Welcome to the eX Summit, where business leaders, authors and disruptors talk about how the workplace is changing. The eX Summit brings a different lens to the conversation around HR transformation, company culture, and employee engagement: a brand and CX perspective, rather than a traditional HR perspective. Why? Because companies have to think of themselves as employment brands if they want to attract and retain talent.

A-Z Biz Link

A-Z Biz Link was established in 2017 and was initially focused on delivering content around how to help companies attract and retain talent. After personally hiring a life coach in 2018, Lindsay Moellenberndt realized that leadership development was something she and several other community leaders were excited about. Most were tired of reading books & blogs and just wanted to hear from a real live expert. As a response to that, the Leadership series was launched in 2019 with a mission to provide high-level professional development that will help any leader enhance their skillets and teach them new tools to utilize both personally and professionally.


Heal the Hero

Heal the Hero Foundation is dedicated to bring back the potential of our Nation’s heroes. Our protectors are trained to be in “Flight or Fight”​ mode 24/7 but often lack the ability to turn the mental “switch”​ off. We aim to “rebalance”​ our Veterans, Police officers, Fire fighters, dispatchers and their families! Heal the Hero Foundation provides innovative health, education and employment solutions to increase the success potential of our Nation’s finest and their families.


Herozona Foundation is a non-profit organization that empowers our Heroes in the community through entrepreneurship, employment, and education. We work with veterans, first responders, and those that bring social good to our future generations and under-served communities.


All About People

All About People is more than their company name … It drives everything they do! For nearly two decades, All About People has been meeting the recruitment needs of companies and organizations large and small, delivering one remarkable candidate at a time. As a black-owned and woman-owned executive search firm, All About People is a natural champion of diversity no matter what race, gender or ethnicity. A diverse workforce provides a tremendous competitive advantage.

Duffy Group

Until 1991, there was only one recruiting model, and it was based on only one variable: compensation. Today, that concept seems almost quaint. Of course, compensation is a key criterion, but there is so much more that goes into a perfect match between employer and candidate. The “more” is the foundation of Duffy Group’s Recruitment Research model. Developed in 1991 and constantly evolving, it delivers real-world, actionable knowledge to employers and guides the Duffy Group to unearth hidden talent. Our approach, combined with a flexible pricing model that enables clients to pay only for services performed, is the core of the Duffy philosophy: to be a vigilant steward of clients’ recruiting dollars and serve as a virtual extension of the client’s team.


B. Sterling Public Relations

Say ‘bye, bye” to the old school style and say “hellloooo” to the new age approach. B. Sterling PR doesn’t believe in cookie-cutter strategies, and they know that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why they handcraft a multi-disciplinary plan of attack that’s best for YOUR business. Acting as your “in-house, out-of-house” PR and marketing team, BPR prides itself on becoming an extension of your brand and treating your company like it’s our own. The result? Impactful campaigns that create a positive impact on your bottom line.

Ideas Collide

Ideas Collide (est. 2005) is a strategic marketing communications firm that develops custom marketing solutions that drive action and results. Focused on delivering innovation with business and data intelligence has established Ideas Collide as a highly-sought out and unique strategic marketing partner. Bring your business challenge to the table and the IC team will invent and integrate marketing solutions to meet the challenge with impact. The team is comprised of a strong, diverse group of marketing and design professionals that operate with business acumen, an absence of ego and a collaborative, growth mindset.