6 Team Building Activities To Inspire Your Culture

team building activities

Team building events provide a solid way to energize your team and inject some fun into any conference, event or meeting. If you’re looking to create memories and strengthen relationships between you and your awesome team members, then keep reading to gain ideas. Below, we have six fun, engaging team building activities to help your employees enjoy their time together and inspire your company culture.

Team Building Activities To Inspire Your Culture

Team Strategizing

We all know Phoenix is the Valley of the Sun, which means the weather can make it difficult to do a team obstacle course or play a team sport outdoors. Phoenix has some amazing indoor activities, however, that involve strategizing and problem-solving with others in order to really get your team in a bonded spirit.

Check out Escape the Room Arizona, in which you and your team will be given in an hour and various clues to figure out how to escape a certain room and scenario. If you want to take indoor strategizing to the next level, look into solving a crime with CI: The Crime Investigators | Phoenix, which specifically sets up forensic investigation in an entertaining group format, so you and your team must work together to navigate your way through a series of crime scenes. Both of these are phenomenal, exciting team building activities, and they’re sure to keep you on your toes.

Philanthropy or Charity

Giving back to others while simultaneously working with your team members? It’s a win-win. A philanthropic team building event proves extremely rewarding. These team building activities are a good way to give back to charity, the local community, and other worthwhile causes. Look into volunteering to walk dogs together at a pet shelter or the pound, or sorting toiletries and nonperishable food items at local food banks and shelters.

Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona allows Arizona’s best companies to build homes, communities, and hope. Volunteering elevates your company’s employer brand and strengthens your teams. Partnering with Habitat gives corporations an opportunity to give back to the local community. Employees also enjoy a volunteer project with satisfying, tangible results.

For a list of more specific charitable team events to check out in Phoenix, peruse this list. You and your team could spend an afternoon at Feed My Starving Children in Mesa or at St. Mary’s Food Bank, for instance, to facilitate a positive experience all around.

Get Ritzy

Why not have some Gatsby-esque fun with your team? It’s both fun and glamorous! For a fancier spin on the crime scene investigation, look into doing a Murder Mystery Dinner. Want to experience a live version of the game Clue with your team? These dinners are “interactive,” as each table works as a team to collect clues, question suspects and solve the mystery. All the while, actors keep everyone entertained. Look into Arizona-specific Murder Mystery Dinners here.

Get a Laugh

Laughing and joking with coworkers is a great way to inspire togetherness that translates into positivity in the workplace. Improv? More like TeamProv! Working together on improv comedy can force you to step out of your comfort zone, appreciate what others bring to the table, participate fully, and share a fair amount of laughs. Booking a TeamProv night for your team will help you all hone in on a number of valuable skills. It’ll promote focusing, trusting, proactively listening, supporting one another, making one another look good and being present. It’s truly one of the best (and silliest) ways to get your team bonding on.


Even if you’re not artistically gifted, getting your team together for some quality artwork can be fun and beneficial. Look into doing a traditional “wine and paint” night, where you’ll all be challenged to paint the same picture while enjoying a glass of wine. It’s a great way for your team to connect and enjoy themselves while fostering a healthy competitive spirit.

Gone Camping

Lastly, if you don’t want to spend money or worry about pre-registering for a specific event, revert to your summer camp days. You’ll enjoy some flexible team building activities you can do anywhere, with a few inexpensive materials. Design your own scavenger hunt, human knot, or any other number of games or challenges that are versatile and inexpensive. End the evening with a s’mores campfire! Learn more here.

We hope our ideas inspire you and your team to have some fun, make lasting memories, and focus on bonding and togetherness that will also translate to your office well. What other team building activities would you add?

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