6 Companies With the Best Health Benefits

Employees care about their health benefits and appreciate working for companies with progressive benefits programs. Many organizations now offer more than standard benefits packages to show their employees that their wellbeing is a company priority. 

What is one company with the best health benefits, and what benefits do they offer?

To help job seekers find organizations with excellent health coverage, we asked business leaders this question for their best insights. From Freedom Financial Network’s free access to mental healthcare to Axon’s maternal and paternal leave programs, there are several health benefits to consider as you search for a new role. 

Here are six companies with generous health benefits: 

  • Freedom Financial Network
  • Axon
  • Markitors
  • MongoDB
  • Adidas
  • The Body Shop


Freedom Financial Network

Freedom offers a variety of medical benefits that are very low-cost to the employees. In addition, they offer free access to mental healthcare via an app called Ginger and incentives and discounts on health insurance by doing simple things like completing a wellness exam and exercising, and logging them into an app called Virgin Pulse. 

Heather Marcom, Freedom Financial Network



Some of the benefits at Axon that we offer that make us best in class include our impressive maternal and paternal leave programs. As soon as a baby is born, we send gift cards, baby items, and a card to new parents in addition to up to 20 weeks of paid leave. 


Beyond this, we offer all of our employees and two of their loved ones access to Ginger, a mental health platform with one-on-one coaching, 24/7 service via text, and access to 12 therapy sessions per year.


We encourage our employees to get active, hosting monthly hikes with our president and myself and offering paid quarterly challenges for those who participate in health-related activities.

Elizabeth Hart, Axon



As a younger individual, it is great that my company and others provide different health benefit options, including high deductible insurance plans with a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA). 


These types of accounts offer great tax benefits since your contributions to these accounts are tax-free or tax-deductible. Contributions made to these accounts can then be used for qualified medical expenses that often arise unexpectedly or otherwise. The IRS defines qualified medical expenses here


Markitors also offers unlimited vacation time for its full-time employees. You even get a nudge if you haven’t taken a day off in a while.

Rronniba Pemberton, Markitors



Any additional bonuses or incentives supplied by a company over and above your wage are referred to as job benefits. They can have a big impact on employee retention and engagement. MongoDB is the company with the best health benefits. 


The term “balance” conjures up images of work and life as mutually exclusive. This isn’t just lip service; the proof is in the pudding when it comes to their benefits. 


Employees delight about MongoDB’s unlimited vacation, catered lunch twice a week, fully supplied kitchens, free yoga sessions, generous maternity and paternity leave, and health coverage.

Saskia Ketz, Mojomox



Adidas provides their employees with the ability to transfer offices, a sabbatical of four weeks after three years, and wellness benefits. They put their employees first and take care of their own. Adidas is not afraid to offer the best to their teams because they know they hired the best talent.

Katie Kiernan, NUE.Life


The Body Shop

Since Dame Anita Roddick started the company in the 1970s with a strong ethical emphasis, job benefits include five paid days each year to carry out voluntary work. Besides a generous benefits package, employees can also appreciate substantial discounts on products. Sadly, she died aged 64 after a brain hemorrhage but left a legacy of hope and faith worldwide, changing the ethics of the beauty industry forever.

Tim O’Brien, The Healthy Place


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