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5 Telltale Signs You Are At The Wrong Job

Dreading the morning commute each day — and not because of the traffic on the road? It may be time to polish your resume and jumpstart the job search. Take a look at some classic signs you are at the wrong job.

5 Telltale Signs You Are At The Wrong Job

You complain more than you deliver glowing accounts about your workday to friends and family.

If you find yourself recounting more negative stories than positive about work, it may be one of the top signs you are at the wrong job. Whether you increasingly dislike the office, your coworkers, the pay or the work itself, it may behoove you to start looking for something else. When you’re in the right role, your conversations tend to shift toward each day’s highlights, funny things that happened, professional lessons learned, and so forth.

You feel bored every day at work, and you conclude that your skills aren’t being put to good use.

If the feeling of boredom begins to set in, and you start to wonder if there’s something more fulfilling you could be doing with your work life, start applying for a new job. The opposite of apathy at work could entail extreme stress — which is also one of the telltale signs you are at the wrong job. If you begin to feel like you’re wasting your time and you utterly dread the work, start searching for other avenues to put your talents to better use.

The job takes a toll on your sleep patterns and even your physical health.

You might feel more of an urge to have a drink or two after work. Or, perhaps you don’t sleep well from the stress of the work itself or of knowing you need to look for a new role. You might even display signs of anxiety or depression. Is your job taking a mental and physical toll? If so, it’s time for a fresh start to your career.

Your working environment is toxic.

Does your boss criticize everything you do? Micromanage you? Do your coworkers suck the life out of you? Culture is a huge contributor to either job satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Whether your coworkers are gossipy, passive-aggressive, or personalities simply clash in the office, it’s never healthy to stay in that kind of situation. Facing the stress of it all isn’t worth it — and your career will thank you later for finding a new position!

The outcomes you are working toward feel meaningless or even negative to you.

You might have at first appreciated and advocated for the company and what it stands for. But these days, it’s a tough slog to get through projects. On top of boredom, you might feel the end goal is meaningless, and that you’re just a cog in the machine. Do you feel truly valued at work, and do you place value on the actual work you do each day? One of the surest signs you are at the wrong job is if you can wholeheartedly relate to Dolly Parton’s “9 To 5” lyrics:

Workin’ 9 to 5,

What a way to make a livin’

Barely gettin’ by

It’s all takin’ and no givin’

They just use your mind

And they never give you credit

It’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it

Don’t let your job drive you crazy — find a better one! If you’re still on the fence about addressing these signs you are at the wrong job, try making a list of pros and cons about your current role. What do you enjoy? What do you hate? Do the good things outweigh and outnumber the bad?

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