May 26, 2017 BestCompaniesAZ

6 Personal Website Examples To Boost Your Brand

Whether you want to showcase your resume, writing samples, photography projects, accolades and awards, or simply become a “Google-able” job candidate, you’ll need to create a personal website. A recent study conducted by GoDaddy revealed the importance of a thorough online profile in the hiring process. Overall, 76% of hiring managers regularly check the social media and online presence of candidates. More than 60% of millennial hiring managers said having a website or online portfolio is important for candidates. However, only 32% of graduates actually have an online portfolio to display their work. personal website examples

Best Personal Website Examples To Boost Your Brand

The following personal website examples will help you keep your work-related materials all in one place. At the same time, they allow you to express your personality in the online sphere.

Tinseled Pink

Arizona-based blogger Tamara Kraus curates her blog, Tinseled Pink, with a consistent theme and an easy-to-navigate interface. The site stays organized by tabbed categories — “About,” “Blog,” “Contact,” “Camera,” “Editorial,” “In The Media” — which make it simple for employers to research potential job candidates. Tinseled Pink is centered primarily around fashion and beauty, but it’s one of the top Arizona-based personal website examples to get inspiration from when designing your own online portfolio.

Bethany Brown Creative

Arizona native Bethany Brown curates her website with splashes of creativity — in what could otherwise have been a lifeless online cluster of creative projects. Her photography, filmography, “About/News,” and contact info are cleanly laid out — and the moment you hit the homepage, you can select either “Music” or “Film & Photo.” For any accomplished artist, Bethany’s Weebly-based personal website is a stellar example of how to best organize your portfolio. She has even separated her photographs into categorized galleries. Furthermore, at the end of the page, anyone interested in booking a photoshoot with her or discovering more about her approach to her craft can easily learn more. Bethany’s “Music” page delves into her variety of music endeavors — listing out Chamber Works, Song/Choral Works, Solo Instrument, Film Scores and Electronic. Any musician searching for personal website examples should gather inspiration from Bethany’s online portfolio.

Dash of Daisy

Taylor Seely is another blogger based in Arizona. Her blog, Dash of Daisy, encompasses a range of content geared toward a comprehensive online portfolio. Its lifestyle branding is consistent throughout — making it one of the coolest personal website examples to help boost your brand. Dash of Daisy’s layout is an excellent format for job seekers to organize their work and credentials.

Tym Andrews

With a sleek, simple and aesthetically pleasing blog, Tym Andrews puts his own creative spin on an online resume/portfolio. Using “About Me,” “Testimonies” (with a subheader “What’s it like to work with me?” — filled with past employer recommendations), “Just For Fun” (a category with fun facts about Tym), and “Contact Me,” he makes the site simple to navigate, fresh and fun. He also includes social media links at the bottom of the site. With everything in one place and Tym’s knack for keeping any visitor’s interest piqued, this blog encapsulates one of the top personal website examples that offer brand inspiration.

Colin Grist

Colin Grist presents his blog on a classic white interface with black text, but he also adds splashes of color for his various projects and endeavors. His contact information, social media links, and the menu are all easy to find. This website design has the menu button in the top right corner. This would open the door for you, when designing your own site, to add buttons for your resume, portfolio, and other items you’d feel are necessary to show a potential employer.

Olivia Lehmann

Opening the homepage with a portrait on a white background, Olivia Lehmann leverages an immediate call-to-action for site visitors. Choose from two buttons: English or Français. Before clicking through any of the rest of her profile, you must choose your preferred site language. You can also navigate her social media links. After selecting English or French, you can read her bio, personal fun facts, work experience, education, and contact info. The scrolling interface is visually appealing and her areas of expertise are laid out for employers to easily understand.

Do you already have a personal website? If so, did it help you land a job? What other personal website examples have you seen that have caught your attention? Let us know on our social channels — find BestCompaniesAZ on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram!