6 Personal Website Examples to Boost Your Brand

Personal Website Examples

Whether you want to showcase your resume, writing samples, photography projects, accolades and awards, or simply become a “Google-able” job candidate, you’ll need to create a personal website.

A recent study conducted by GoDaddy revealed the importance of a thorough online profile in the hiring process. Overall, 76% of hiring managers regularly check the social media and online presence of candidates. More than 60% of millennial hiring managers said having a website or online portfolio is important for candidates. However, only 32% of graduates actually have an online portfolio to display their work.

Here are some solid digital portfolios that truly showcase great work.

Personal Website Examples to Inspire Your Own

The following personal website examples will help you keep your work-related materials all in one place. At the same time, they allow you to express your personality in the online sphere.

Personal Blog: Abby Zufelt

While a lifestyle or personal blog may not seem to have a professional connection at first, there are actually tons of reasons why a personal website may help you land your dream job. You can certainly use public blogging platforms like Medium to show off your knowledge. However, a personal site is completely customizable and serves as a tool to set your own brand. You can blog about your area of expertise or share personal stories that speak to your ability to overcome challenges and grow.

Blogger, Abby Zufelt, flexes her journalism background and digital marketing experience in an intimate, friendly blog. She shares a little bit about each part of her life, forming an original, strong personal brand as a young, professional working woman.

Professional Resume: Megan Lee

Probably the most common type of personal website example is a professional resume presented in website form! Rather than just regurgitating the same information from your resume (link that separately), a website is instead your chance to truly elaborate and add your own voice.

For example, Megan Lee uses her personal site to showcase her work in international education, content creation, and the travel industry. What she does well? Megan includes links to all work that she references, has quantifiable results, and really goes to town on highlighting her best work over the years. Her information is kept completely professional, and she makes sure to have a clear way to contact her for business inquiries.

Photography: Jen Lynn Studios

When it comes to photography personal website examples, there are tons of templates to choose from. What Phoenix wedding photographer, Jen, does right is captivate her site visitors with some eye-catching images. Photographers have an advantage in the digital world of having dozens of original images of their own to choose from. Because you’re selling visuals, be sure to include as many as you can on every page. In addition, animations will add some movement to the images and make them a bit more engaging than just motionless pictures.

Web Design: Matthew Williams

Of course, personal website examples make the most sense to reference for web designers and digital illustration-based professionals. A website is an opportunity to not just tell what you can do, but to also show in the website code itself.

Matthew Williams is a full-stack web developer with a crisp online portfolio. He includes information about his experience and skills on the homepage. What follows is a page with projects organized by coding language, a blog, and a straight-forward way to contact him.

Creative: Morgan Victoria Designs

Whether you’re a traditional artist or an aspiring graphic designer, a personal website helps showcase your past work and services.

Morgan is a Phoenix-based watercolor artist who pursues art as both a hobby and side gig. Her website, Morgan Victoria Designs, serves as a portfolio for her best work. It also directs visitors to her services up for hire. What she does well? Morgan’s website is very image heavy, includes clear call-to-actions, and highlights her social media accounts.

Company-Specific Resume: Francine at Spotify

If there’s a top-notch, dream job you’ve been after, then the differentiating factor to make you stand out may just be a personal website. Yet just like a resume or cover letter, a personal website can also be customized for a specific position or company.

Francine created her website particularly for her dream job at Spotify. Right when you land on her homepage, the site’s intent is crystal clear, mentioning both the company and position. When you enter the site, this personal website example does a stellar job of letting readers really get to know Francine. So, now the burning question. Did Francine get the job? Yes!

Do you already have a personal website? If so, did it help you land a job? What other personal website examples have you seen that have caught your attention? Let us know on our social channels — find BestCompaniesAZ on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram!

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