15 Best Healthcare Interview Questions From Arizona’s Best Healthcare Companies

best healthcare interview questions

As an employer, the interview process can seem daunting. More so, it can be tough to determine if an applicant fits with your company culture based on a set of questions. At healthcare companies, the values of the organization should be everything an employee stands for. Therefore, it is important that the applicant’s values align with the company’s values.

Candidates should be able to provide examples of personal values and professional expertise. So, what should you expect? Below we have compiled interview questions from leading healthcare companies. Simplify the interview process with this list of the 15 best healthcare interview questions from Arizona’s best healthcare companies.

Values, Goals, and Mission:

1. Patient care requires a lot of compassion. Do you consider yourself a compassionate person?

The field of healthcare requires a strong level of compassion for others. Therefore, this is a commonly asked question at healthcare companies like the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

2. What key values do you implement in your personal life?

At Pinnacle Transplant Technologies, interview questions like this allow the candidate to share about their values. It is important to know if their values align with the organizations.

3. Can you tell us about a time when you faced a difficult decision regarding ethics?

Healthcare companies work closely with patients, many that are terminally ill or facing long-term illness. Therefore, it is essential that the applicant can make ethical decisions on behalf of the patient. At healthcare companies like Dignity Health, the answer to this question is highly influential in the hiring process.

4. Do you have a healthcare-related mission or goal that inspires your daily activities? If so, explain.

The healthcare industry is ever-changing. Innovations occur on a daily basis. A candidate who finds inspiration in the future of healthcare is willing to grow and adapt . A motivated employee will be engaged in their work and excited about what they are doing. 

5. Describe your passion for our mission.

A solid mission drives the everyday operations of healthcare companies. For this reason, candidates should be passionate about the company’s values, mission, and ethics.


6. Tell us about your healthcare education. How does it relate to this position?

Experience sets one candidate apart from another. Furthermore, an educated candidate is likely to transition smoothly into the position being offered. Nursing interview questions, for example, may ask about specific situations in your clinical rotations that have made you a better candidate.

7. What are some accomplishments you have achieved that you can apply to this position?

Candidates with experience in the industry should be able to answer this question with ease. More so, take note of how the candidate has addressed and overcame obstacles in their career thus far.

8. What skills or abilities can you apply to this position?

Experienced candidates should be able to answer this question without difficulty.  In addition, applicants that are confident with their abilities are confident employees. The Translational Genomics Research Institute asks this question to learn about candidate’s skills and abilities outside of what’s listed on their resume.  

9. What do you know about healthcare businesses? Can you give an example of a healthcare business that you believe is thriving?

Employees should possess a basic understanding of their employer and its daily activities. The candidate’s response should align with the company’s ideals of success.

10. Give an example of a time you had to act quickly.

The healthcare industry is fast-paced,so the ability to act quickly and make the best decision for a patient is vital. Candidates should be prepared to make last-minute changes.


11. Why did you choose the healthcare sector as your field of study?

A question like this allows the candidate to share about their passion for the healthcare industry. According to Stryker Sustainability Solutions, candidates should be excited about what they are doing and why they are doing it.

12. Can you share an experience that solidified your passion for healthcare?

Healthcare professionals are driven by their desire to serve others. In particular, healthcare employees care for those who cannot care for themselves. Therefore, this is one of the most important questions to ask from this list of the 15 best healthcare interview questions from Arizona’s best healthcare companies.

13. Do you have any background in the healthcare sector aside from your education?

Candidates may have experience in the healthcare industry that was obtained outside of their education. The answer to this question gives insight into the applicant’s personal experiences outside of the lecture hall.

14. If applicable, why did you leave your last position?

Candidates should be given the opportunity to share about their past work experience. Above all, their answer to this question provides insight into their ideal work environment or previous workplace struggles. With this in mind, candidates must answer this question with professionalism and poise.

15. Is there anything you would like us to know about you?

Though it seems simple, this is one of the most important questions you should ask from this list of the 15 best healthcare interview questions from Arizona’s best healthcare companies. An open-ended question like this allows an applicant to share any information that has not been discussed. As a result, you can understand the candidate’s passions on a deeper level.

Altogether, you are sure to find the perfect candidate when you use these best healthcare interview questions from Arizona’s best healthcare companies!

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