Introducing The Best of Future 2017: Companies To Watch In The Years Ahead

companies to watch

Arizona is in the midst of an exciting business transformation. With a strong workforce and cost-effective infrastructure, Arizona is attracting droves of new companies, from tech to manufacturing, from startups to established brands. As the relatively new names emerge into the Arizona business scene, they both compete and support each other in attracting great talent. These companies to watch know the value of an authentic employer brand as well as a genuinely positive culture. We’re also eager to see how these companies shape how we view great workplaces in the future.  

Here are our picks for the Best of the Future, companies we want to watch in the years ahead – because we’re confident that as they grow, they’ll have a strong impact on the state of Arizona.

Five companies are featured in this article. We’ll all see more from the rest of them over the coming months and years.

Best Of Future: Companies To Watch

Direct Energy

companies to watchWhile many of our “Future” winners include startups or small, fast-growth companies, Direct Energy encompasses one of North America’s largest energy and energy-related service providers. Four common elements of a great company are evident there: strong culture, diversity, a wellness focus, and community involvement.

An open office environment encourages collaboration. There are no individual offices, not even for the President. It’s no surprise that communication is highly valued, and information is shared across a variety of channels. That includes a best-in-class intranet and an employee-only app, Powerchat.

Endurance International Group

companies to watchWith a simple mission to bring together technology, people, products and data to empower small business, Endurance International Group survived the dotcom bust to grow to more than 4,000 employees worldwide, including a rapidly growing location in Tempe.

The company recognizes how crucial employees’ career success is for company success. Employees remain empowered to help shape the company, resulting in upper mobility. Career paths take shape as new hiring favors internal promotions. Employees appreciate the high energy and culture of empowerment that epitomizes the Endurance Tempe office; the generous benefits and perks provide the added cherry on top.


Galvanize bills itself as the learning community for technology. But the company is every bit as disruptive as the industry it serves. A 21st-century school for engineers, entrepreneurs and data scientists, Galvanize provides a fresh approach for those building a tech career. The energy, intellect and ambition of Galvanize students, members and alumni are at the heart of a learning community that promotes belonging, and that also celebrates courage and growth.

Those who choose to work in this courageous new concept will help countless students and entrepreneurs network, learn, and level-up. One of the company values? Be a pineapple. That is, “valuing the power of hospitality by standing tall, being sweet on the outside, and wearing a crown over just getting your job done.”

Remarkable Health

A passion for removing obstacles in order to make the world a better place powers this fast-growing technology company. Furthermore, Remarkable Health remains committed to making administrative work easier for behavioral health professionals to better focus on helping others. CEO Peter Flick also believes in the value of a strong culture, so employees become the best versions of themselves.

As a result, an open and transparent environment has allowed the company to grow without silos, encouraging employees to go beyond current expertise. Careers develop fast at Remarkable, which is a refreshingly female-friendly tech organization. Women prove well-represented across the company, including in leadership.

Spear Education

Spear Cares OpenWide Backpacks1The Spear team is driven by their collective desire to provide the finest continuing education experience and product offerings that directly address the clinical and business challenges that many dentists face today. 

Spear Education believes that every member of the team is essential to success – for both the client and the company. They want people passionate about customer success, and who align with their core values of being: service-oriented, trustworthy, responsible, innovative, vested, and empowering. They’ve got a unique workplace. Professional, enriching, and challenging, with great leadership and great people, Spear team members work hard and love to have fun. Spear actively participates in company-wide quarterly initiatives including community outreach, wellness and team member appreciation events. 

The future of the Arizona job market is bright with great organizations like these. From companies disrupting the mattress industry, to a creative digital marketing agency, from a biotech company who works to humanely control animal pest populations, to a transportation logistics company, the Best of Future companies to watch are a diverse group and so we congratulate all of them: DoubleDutch, GlobalTranz, Longboard Asset Management, Markitors, NextNet Partners, Pinnacle Transplant Technologies, QuickSpark Financial, Revature, SenesTech and Tuft & Needle

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So, what other companies to watch in the future would you add to the list? Let us know!

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