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10 IT Interview Questions and Answers At Best Companies

Before you begin the interview process, it is important to prepare for the interview questions you may be asked. Preparing answers for tough questions shows the interviewer that you are professional and you take the interview seriously. Though the field of IT is broad, many of the best IT companies ask similar interview questions. Below, we have created a list of 10 IT interview questions and answers from the nation’s best IT companies.

With these 10 IT interview questions and answers, you are sure to make a great impression during your interview.

What do you know about our company?

It is important that a candidate knows about the company they are applying for. Furthermore, interviewers want to know if the candidate did research beyond reading the company’s website bio. So, applicants should visit the employer’s website and learn about their mission, vision and accomplishments. Prove that you care about the company itself.

What experience do you have in the IT industry?

Though this question is straightforward, the IT industry is broad. Thus, answers to this question can vary widely. It is important for the company to hire someone who has experience in the type of technology that they are providing. So, applicants should share about their educational background and field experience. Provide specific examples of projects you have been involved with.

Tell us about a project you have been involved in.

At companies like GoDaddy, employees work in teams to accomplish tasks. Employees are empowered to take on projects with creativity and innovation. Therefore, be prepared to provide examples of projects you have been involved with. If you have not been involved in a project, share about projects that you found to be innovative or successful.

You’ve just been assigned to work on a new technology. How would you handle working with a product you have not worked with before?

Technology is constantly evolving. The IT industry must adapt to trends and customer behaviors. If you’re interviewing for IT positions, you will likely work with new technology at some point in your career. Answer this question from an educational and experiential standpoint. How would you educate yourself about the new technology? Would you research this technology? Would you practice using it? The answer to this question shows interviewers how you would handle yourself outside of your comfort zone.

How would you handle a product failure or a setback?

Everyone will face a failure or setback at some point in their career. At companies like Markitors, interviewees are asked to share about how they handle obstacles. Employers want to know if you will fall behind or use the setback as a motivator for future work. Successful employees are motivated to succeed regardless of the challenges they face.

What are some of the trends that are influencing the current IT market?

The world is saturated with IT companies and new technologies. Employees should be able to recognize market trends and come up with ways to better cater to the market. So, applicants should research popular technology trends to prepare for this question. More so, share about underlying trends that are growing in popularity. Companies such as LinkedIn ask this question to determine the candidate’s market knowledge.

How is a threat different than a vulnerability?

A vulnerability is a weakness in protection while a threat uncovers a vulnerability with the possibility of destroying a system. Be prepared to explain the difference and come equipped with an example of each.

Are you familiar with [program/programming language]?

Your interviewer wants to see how familiar you are with IT terms. You do not have to be an IT expert to prove that you are comfortable with technology. To prepare for this question we recommend brushing up on IT program terms and programs.

What are your strengths?

This is a chance for you to share about your strengths and what makes you unique. Do you have special talents that you want to share about? This is a chance to sell yourself. In fact, most companies have their ideal qualifications listed on the job posting itself. Use those qualifications as a springboard.

Are there any questions you have for us?

No matter the company, most interviewers will close the interview with this question. Regardless of your knowledge, you should always come prepared with a question to ask the interviewer. Some example questions are “What does a day in the office look like?”, “What do you think it takes for someone to excel in this position?” or “What is the typical career path of an employee in this position?”.

With these 10 IT interview questions and answers, you are sure to exceed in any interview. Remember – the greatest tool for interview success is preparation.

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