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11 Mar

And though my lack of education
Hasn't hurt me none
I can read the writing on the wall

Lyrics from one of my favorite classic songs by Paul Simon come to mind as I reflect on my career journey. It’s true ladies and gentlemen; I, Shannon Grimes, do not have a bachelor’s degree.

Announcing this fact to colleagues, new acquaintances, or potential employers often feels like a support group confession, something I should be ashamed of and need help with. But it’s not. It’s part of who I am. Almost 15 years after most (and by most I mean nearly all) of my high school comrades graduated with their degrees and either entered the working world or began to advance their education, I have come to feel immense pride in my career despite my lack of formal education.

05 Sep

Call centers offer numerous opportunities for career growth. The career steps from call center representative usually start with lead call-taker to supervisor to manager to director. Call center promotions vary according to organization structure; however, the way to move up is similar across organizations, regardless of the product or service your call center provides.

05 Sep

Insights from the “Best Companies to Work for in AZ”

One of the fastest growing business segments in Arizona is the Call Center. The growth is exciting for companies that have successfully integrated call center operations into their business model – there are many benefits, but also some very unique challenges tied to managing a thriving call center.

In response to these challenges, we recently brought together some of the best companies in Arizona to discuss the issues and the potential solutions for running a better call center. It’s your peek into the minds of the companies that are doing it right and an opportunity to think about how your operations might be affected.

26 Jun

Scottsdale, Ariz.—WorldatWork recently served as the Strategic HR Partner for the inaugural “CareerBuilder Top Companies to Work for in Arizona” awards program. WorldatWork was chosen to be the HR partner primarily to provide input and guidance to the employer questionnaire. The program’s goal is to provide new benchmarks for employers relating to the HR practices and benefits that are attracting and retaining talent in today’s market.

16 May

After all those interviews, you’ve finally found the right candidate, and you have a signed offer. Yay! Onboarding starts immediately, even if the candidate doesn’t. It’s great when your new hire can start right away, but more often there’s a two-week time lapse between signed offer and start date.

15 Apr


You could win a million dollars by supporting the Health & Wealth Raffle to benefit St. Joseph’s Hospital & Barrow Neurological Institute.

The raffle is more than prizes. Dollars raised go to support the advancement of medical education, research and patient care for the amazing works of Barrow Neurological Institute and St. Joseph’s Hospital. Learn more here.

04 Mar

Many of you may know WorldatWork by its original name, American Compensation Association. The name changed 12 years ago because the Scottsdale-based nonprofit HR association is no longer just American, it’s global, and it has expanded to offer benefits and work-life training and certification in addition to compensation. For ease of reference, WorldatWork refers to compensation, benefits and work-life programs as “total rewards.”

25 Jan

Charles Schwab Phoenix Arizona AZ

Originally published on the Schwab Talk Blog Posted by Sarah Bulgatz

Schwab was one of 27 companies recently awarded the annual Gallup Great Workplace Award. According to Gallup, the award honors “organizations whose employee engagement results demonstrate they have the most productive and engaged workforces in the world.” Schwab Senior Vice President of Talent Management Mary Coughlin shared her perspective on what makes Schwab a great place to work, as well as what she sees are the challenges and opportunities in maintaining a high level of workplace engagement.

19 Nov

“Don’t give your customers what they want. Give them what they need, even though they may not know it yet.” – Jaime Casap, Google

This was just one of the tidbits of encouragement from the 100 Best Arizona Companies celebratory networking and education event held by BestCompaniesAZ at the auditorium of the U of A College of Medicine on November 13.

Denise Gredler, CEO of BestCompaniesAZ, noted that in the ten years since the founding of BestCompaniesAZ, workplace culture has progressed from “fluffy HR initiative” to an essential business strategy. Five leaders of award-winning companies shared how their cultures have given them the competitive edge.

12 Nov

An executive recruiter I was consulting about filling a senior level leadership position glanced approvingly at the commemorative plaques lining the wall of my conference room. “Those plaques really do make a difference”, she noted.   Recognition as a top workplace does make a difference, especially in recruiting and retention of scarce talent in technology, sales and other in-demand areas.

18 Sep

In our August 29th blog, we discussed the war for talent and the impact on your bottom line. The development of a unique company culture is paramount to you attracting and retaining top talent, which is now a strategic imperative that drives ROI.

The implementation of meaningful hiring, on-boarding and retention programs will set a sturdy foundation for your company’s culture. To drive these programs, a key component will be limiting employee turnover. In order to limit turnover, you must determine the cost of turn to your organization.

29 Aug

The war for talent has returned, but it’s dramatically changed in the past five years. Employers everywhere see a skills gap between what they need and what candidates have to offer. “Skinny resumes” are the new normal. While there’s no shortage of applicants, candidates in the sweet spot of skills, experience and culture fit are maddeningly scarce. Short-staffed hiring managers cringe thinking about the bidding wars that can erupt over a desirable candidate.

Other than bribing rockstar ninjas with exorbitant salaries, what can you do to attract stellar talent?


13 Aug

Dignity Health Phoenix History | History Dignity HealthWith a long history of compassionate care, Dignity Health had its Arizona beginning with the establishment of St. Joseph’s sanitarium in 1895.

Originally, St. Joseph’s offered twelve beds and was housed in a rented six-bedroom cottage. As the population of the valley grew, the hospital expanded to meet the needs of the community.

02 Aug

In creating best companies, some organizations break the mold.

Companies build their success in different ways. Are any of these six courageous moves right for your company?


Arizona author Dale Dauten wrote, “Have you ever had anything good come of doing performance appraisals? The answer is, of course, ‘no”. Since then, a few innovative companies like McMurry have ditched performance evaluations in favor of future-focused Performance Previews or Success Plans.


Culture fit is important in all employees, but especially so for managers. People leave managers, not organizations. Best companies offer coaching, but if all else fails, a boss that doesn’t fit the culture may need to go.

12 Jul

Goodmans Interior StructuresWhat’s the point of an office? When technology allows people to work anywhere, what’s the point of investing in real estate?  At BestCompaniesAZ’s recent high-energy Culture Tour this week, Adam Goodman, CEO of Goodmans Interior Structures, provided insightful ideas about how to elevate effectiveness through work environments.

19 Jun

Great companies are proud of their good work in the community, and they should be. The bar is set a little higher for Arizona’s Most Admired companies. What determines high marks for Social Responsibility and how can smaller companies compete with big dogs?

One great example of a strong social responsibility program is content marketing agency McMurry. With social responsibility as one of eight company values, McMurry has helped raise more than $43 million since 1992, and has made an impact on the community that is disproportionately greater than its size of 170 employees. How have they done it?

05 Jun

We love anniversaries. It’s the perfect time to recognize accomplishments, say “thank you” to those who played a part, and toast successes.

Ten years ago, BestCompaniesAZ was a just a vision – and one that wasn’t shared by the mainstream. The idea that being a great workplace would lead to greater financial success was pretty farfetched at the time. No longer!

31 May

Two of Arizona’s most respected leaders, Brad Casper of the Phoenix Suns and Derrick Hall of the Arizona Diamondbacks, are convinced of the positive impact of workplace culture. They shared some of their secrets with BestCompaniesAZ. Some you can read about in the 100 Best Arizona Companies magazine, click here to request a copy. Others you’ll read on the BCAZ blog. This post is the first in the series.

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